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“Cureology” means the study of cures: Cure + Ology or “Cureology”, YOUR path to Natural Health.

We review scientifically proven or at least plausible integrative natural remedies of all types that will get you back to a natural healthy state as fast as humanly possible and as safely as possible. Check out our FREE information available at our Cureology Natural Health Information Centers which are growing daily. Most likely, we can help YOU with your specific problem!!

Hi, I’m Dr Steve Vasilev, founder of Cureology, an author and triple board certified physician in women’s health (Ob-Gyn), cancer and integrative holistic medicine. Online, I lead a team of ninja stealth researchers who are dedicated to bringing you the natural health and integrative remedies truth through Cureology, at all costs. You can listen to the BS out there, or get the truth from Cureology about restoring health, energy and longevity….RIGHT HERE AND NOW!

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Why are we unique? Because regaining and maintaining natural health requires a deep understanding of BOTH sickness and health. That is why I founded Cureology. As a practitioner of medicine I have seen way too many patients with cancer, diabetes, heart disease, fatigue and other debilitating diseases. You see, if a practitioner only deals with healthy people, they probably don’t understand disease very well. Through their limited training they can probably help you stay healthy, and that’s great. However, unfortunately, most of us live in a health impaired state in some way or another. Cureology can help you laser focus on your problem, get you back to a natural healthy state and THEN keep you there.

Our Cureology credo is to help you regain, attain and maintain natural health no matter what integrative health remedies you are seeking through Cureology Natural Health.