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Our mission is to guide you to fitness, energy and longevity through the very best natural health lifestyle choices. Start your healthivization and energevity plan today!

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The science behind remedies and cures is embodied by Cureology, which means the study of cures using 21st Century sciences like epigenetics and nutrigenomics.

Integrative Remedies

Overuse of prescription drugs is bad. Integrative options use the best mix of mainstream and natural solutions for fastest recovery and lasting health.

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Natural Health Cureology literally means the study of cures: Cure + Ology or “Cureology”. We review scientifically proven or at least plausible integrative health solutions of all types that will get you back to a natural health state as fast as humanly possible and as safely as possible. Check out our FREE information available at our Cureology Information Centers which are growing daily. Most likely, we can help YOU!!

This site is owned and maintained by the Cureology Research Group LLC under the direction of its founder Dr Steven Vasilev MD, who is a triple board certified physician in women’s health (Ob-Gyn), cancer and integrative holistic medicine. He is a ninja stealth researcher who is dedicated to bringing you the natural health and integrative remedies truth through Cureology, at all costs. You can listen to the BS out there, or get the truth here about restoring health, energy and longevity….RIGHT HERE AND NOW!

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Why is this important? Because regaining and maintaining health requires a deep understanding of BOTH sickness and health. If a practitioner only deals with healthy people, they probably don’t understand disease very well and therefore can’t get you back to a healthy state. Our credo is to help you regain, attain and maintain natural health no matter what integrative health remedies you are seeking through Cureology.

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Transformational! Credible information based on scientific principles and the best clinical research available.
Kathryn Shaw MD

Amazing! There really is a lot of science behind natural remedies after all.
Francesca Cobar

The kind of life-changing information you find on this site is simply not available anywhere else.
Renee Nickols

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Cureology reviews personalized medicine & integrative natural remedy research from prestigious institutions world-wide, including:

Cureology uses proprietary research algorithms to review over 20,000 journals and articles, then presents the results in an understandable fashion for you.

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