Summed up in a sentence, the following is Cureology’s position. We are here to explore what works, what doesn’t, what might work and how feasible that might be based on the sum total of scientific knowledge. We are here, with a balanced voice of reason, to look at what is most likely to help you and why. Our mission is to protect you from the ill-intentioned and the under-informed.

Here is our position on “alternatives” and “unproven”. There is a vast difference between moronic uninformed idiocy and plausible feasibility based on some credible or logical thought process. Although it is arguable whether or not clinical trials (the current mainstream medicine gold standard for medical proof) are the best way to determine if something works or not, this is not a bad strategy. It simply is not the ONLY strategy. Given that, using the scientific tools that Mother Nature has given us, we are now able to determine how the human body works on a micro-molecular and genetic level. It is VERY possible to make an intelligent statement regarding plausibility for MANY possible remedies and cures. We do not “know it all”, but we know a HUGE amount at this point. As long as we remain humble in acknowledging that, it is still possible in over 90% of situations to say that something is likely or not. Notice we did not say 100%, but again in the vast majority of cases it is VERY possible to say that something is pure garbage. The other 10% warrants a closer look see, balancing risk vs. benefit to any given individual.

The polar end of extreme thought is “the proven” with extensive supporting evidence which no one really argues with, other than perhaps morons. We are not talking about “proof” from social agreements or commonly held beliefs. We are talking about truths that are akin to the physics of gravity, which means that things which fall down go splat. They don’t float upwards under their own power, no matter how alternative of a thought process you might have. In other words, it is unlikely that anyone will ever do a randomized controlled clinical trial to determine whether or not parachutes reduce the risk of death when jumping out of an airplane. Mother Nature’s laws of physics trump that, making it a moot point.

Balanced truth and cautious scientific investigation using 21st century science is our mantra.

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