People, get to know this as a fact and then take it to the bank. It may save you from the horrors of cancer or debilitating neuro-degenerative diseases. We simply don’t know everything. Surprised? Most certainly the EPA and FDA do not know everything! Wait, aren’t they protecting the consumer? There is no one protecting you from shampoo and cosmetic toxin health dangers but yourself. This may sound like hyperbole or conspiracy theory hype, but it is not. Here’s the Cureology shampoo and cosmetics real deal and bottom line on poisons and toxins you use daily.

We are exposed to thousands of chemicals every day. Estimates have ranged upwards of 80,000 per year per individual. Many of these are known poisons, toxins, carcinogens and most are just…..”unknown”. In addition, many new chemicals are concocted yearly. These chemicals are not all sequestered in some factory miles from your home. We are talking largely what you eat, drink, breathe and put on your skin and scalp every day. We’re specifically talking about the toxic and potentially toxic chemicals you put on your scalp contained in shampoo and why these might be among the most dangerous of all.

TIP! Cancer, Alzheimer’s and other chronic debilitating diseases are 90% caused by your environment: what you expose yourself to.

Cureology Shampoo Scalp Toxin Dangers

First of all, why is putting toxins and carcinogens on your scalp and skin worse than what you eat or drink? When you take something in orally, it goes through your intestine and gets detoxified by intestinal biochemical protection systems and the liver fairly efficiently and quickly. This is not to say that you should mac down toxins. That too will catch up to you because you will overwhelm your body’s ability to detox. Parenthetically, cleaning yourself out every few months or seasonally with a “Detox” does NOT reduce the day to day damage of taking in toxins. You can learn more about that here : Total Detox. Getting back to the skin and scalp, the problem is that the toxins reach your blood stream almost instantaneously, bypass the liver, and can circulate initially for quite a while before your liver and kidney detox systems are able to neutralize them. If you do that daily in the name of hair care, you multiply the toxin exposure hugely.

TIP! Detoxification is a daily duty. Start by reducing toxins around you.

MSG in Hair Products?

Before we get into life-threatening toxins and carcinogens, how many of you avoid Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) as a preservative in foods? Did you know that MSG can be present in shampoos and cosmetics are well? The risk of some MSG being present increases when you find ingredients containing the words “hydrolyzed”, “amino acids” or “protein”. Here’s an example of possible deception. We are largely built out of amino acids and proteins, so how can these be bad? Well, the process of creating cosmetic and shampoo products is such that hydrolysis and other chemical procedures can mask the presence of MSG. So, in addition to putting your longevity at risk, how about just feeling crappy and not knowing what that is due to? It could be MSG in your shampoo or cosmetics. Known symptoms include diarrhea, upset stomach, migraine headaches, heart irregularities, mood swings, fuzzy thought processes and asthma.

The Truth About Consumer Protection

Public health laws allow almost any chemical as an ingredient in personal care products. While this is improving, it is at a snail’s pace. Unfortunately misleading and incomplete labeling of ingredients are rampant. Unsubstantiated claims about product benefits abound. Most importantly, there is no required safety testing of specific products or ingredients. Keep in mind that “safety” is often defined by whether or not a chemical will kill you immediately or even within a few years. Most of this information is from lab experiments, not human clinical trials. There are very few chemicals that are proven safe over years and years of use. That is the issue here. You’e not likely to drop dead because of your shampoo or skin cream within the next few years. The problem is chronic and fatal degenerative diseases develop due to chronic exposure to toxins. When people get cancer or Alzheimer’s and things like that, it is 90% environmental exposure and 10% genetics according to the latest estimates. Some of us are better equipped with “good genes” and at detoxification of this constant onslaught of toxins than others. Are you willing to roll the dice that you are made of iron and not flesh and blood?

TIP! Shampoo and cosmetic toxins may be more dangerous than what you eat or drink.

Even if we slowly get to a goal or proving safety, just how long do you think it would take to test tens of thousands of chemicals and what damage they may do to your body over the years? Each study, for each chemical, can take up to 9 years. You do the math. And when you’re done with that, thousands of years later, you can start testing what the combinations of these chemicals can do. Keep in mind that one chemical alone can be relatively harmless, but when you combine a few together the toxicity and cancer causing potential multiplies exponentially. It is not possible to test all of this out, and it is not even required at this time.

Cureology Tips: Shampoo Industry and Marketing

Do you think that the majority of cosmetic and shampoo companies produce products as a humanitarian cause, or are they trying to make some money? The answer should be obvious and there is nothing wrong with the principle of business enterprise. But don’t let anyone fool you, profitable companies are profitable for a reason. They are not stepping up to the plate and voluntarily removing products because of possible but unproven dangers. That would mean business failure, because there is as TON of possible but unproven toxicity being poured on people’s heads in the name of hair care and it is a multi-billion dollar industry.

TIP! Cureology shampoo tip: Avoid the major toxins like fragrances and colorants, as well as hydrolyzed products which may contain MSG

What drives sales? The answer is “marketing”. Marketing can take many forms but certainly there is some awareness out there about shampoo toxins and cosmetic poisons. So, going “natural” is on many people’s minds wherever possible. I won’t challenge the ethics of specific companies here, but here’s a Cureology shampoo tip: marketing claims like “dermatologist-tested,” “gentle” and “natural” could simply be ad hype. Furthermore, adding “natural” ingredients into a shampoo mix does not negate the effects of preservatives, colorants, fragrances and other “beauty inducing” toxins. Putting a laundry list of natural ingredients up as proof of “natural” does not negate the harms.

Cureology Shampoo Hair Care Toxin Avoidance Tips

So, what can you do? Well, use fewer products. Buy them only after reviewing the actual ingredients and be wary of anything you can’t spell or pronounce. Also be wary of tags like “added proprietary blends” or something like that. All that means is they are dumping stuff in that they don’t want you to know about, even if it is disguised as “proprietary blend of naturally healthy ingredients” for your hair.

What does this mean for hair products and shampoos? Here is a Cureology shampoo expose short list of the major offenders that should be avoided like the plague:

  • Fragrances of any kind
  • Colorants of any kind
  • Hydrolyzed ingredients
  • PEGs
  • ceteareths
  • polyethylene
  • parabens
  • propyl, isopropyl, butyl, isobutyl
  • DMDM hydantoin
TIP! Possible toxins you are exposing yourself to daily through cosmetics and shampoos are in the thousands. These are not as regulated as you think.

The list can be in the thousands if you include the “possible” toxins. The message here is that while you can avoid the obvious toxins, you are pouring a “black” box” of stuff on your head daily because the reporting requirements are simply not that stringent. There is nothing natural about shampoo colorants, fragrances, preservatives, beautification additives of various types and so on. So, in the end, you take your chances no matter what shampoo you buy.

A Cureology shampoo recommendation is to consider the “no-poo” movement. You can read more about this and how you can avoid at least the shampoo related toxins here.

TIP! You are the only one protecting yourself from this problem of toxin exposure.

If you love your specific personal care product(s) and want to check out your shampoo or cosmetic product, visit the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep. It is a work in progress, and is incomplete, but buying anything that is not listed or listed as safe is a gamble on your life. Furthermore, if you see a chemical that is listed on a bottle of some shampoo or cosmetic, take a look at the Toxicant Database from CHE.

Cureology Shampoo TakeHome Lessons

The takeaway points here are: (1) You don’t really know what toxins are in shampoos and cosmetics (2) Adding “natural” substances and marketing hype do not negate this absolute fact (3) Chronic exposure to toxins causes cancer, neuro-degenerative disorders and other awful diseases over time.

Don’t gamble your life or even feel crappy on a daily basis. It may very well be due to toxin exposure. You can’t get rid of them all in this modern world, but try to reduce your toxin load as much as possible. While we specifically avoided naming any products or companies, do your due diligence and don’t blindly use anything. The Cureology shampoo tips in this article will take you a long way towards that goal. Again, more on Total Detox principles is available on Cureology as well.

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