A little late to the party? Perhaps. However, it’s never too late to put forth some motivation for real lasting natural health resolutions. As you enter the New Year, enjoy this little video compilation which should serve as food for thought about your health. We all talk about losing a few pounds, quitting smoking, cutting down drinking and more. The reason many of these resolutions fail is because we don’t really think about the consequences many years down the line. As one of the quotes in this compilation so adeptly puts, “tomorrow is disease”. So please join us and consider your future, if not for yourself but for your kids and loved ones who would really like to see you live a long and thriving life.

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Health is all you have that is really important in the material world. Spiritual health, emotional and mental well-being are part of the equation. Physical health is crucial because your body is the temple of your soul and mind. So, all of these factors are critical and all of them are important to integrative health.

Natural health motivation is what everyone needs in order to emerge a better self by the end of the year. So, take a few minutes and enjoy the quick video we have put together. You will see some fallacies, some truths and some crucial must-do’s in your quest for natural health.

Here’s a useful set of resolutions from a natural health colleague physician, about natural health avoidance of pesticides that we’re constantly exposed to which ANYONE can follow:

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