I Want My Natural Remedy NOW!

We live in a “we want it all and we want it NOW” time. So, if you have a health issue, it stands to reason that you want it gone, and fast! How fast do natural remedies and home cures work? Now, we all know that surgery can remove a “problem” (e.g. appendicitis or tumor)and it is over and gone, other than the “ouch” time recovery period. Along the same lines, if you have a serious allergic reaction, medications like epinephrine (e.g. EpiPen) can immediately prevent serious results and even avoid death. Can you expect the same?

What about another example, antibiotics? Well, it may not be “results in a minute”, but in a few days the infection is probably on the way out or gone. For more chronic conditions, like diabetes and blood pressure, prescription medications can modify the symptoms and maybe get you out of immediate trouble (like avoiding a stroke if your BP was something sky high like 220/160). But what about natural remedies? How fast should you expect plausible home cures or a natural remedy to “work”? Remember, sometimes the tortoise beats the hare and is the better answer in the long run.

Natural Health vs. Pharma Health

Let’s figure this out logically and scientifically. Clearly there are natural remedies and home cures that go a long way towards getting you back to health and keeping it that way. In that regard, we all know the concept that natural health is better than drug induced “sorta-health”, at the expense of complications and side effects. Plus, as we all know, this “sorta-health” or “pseudo-health” is usually just masking symptoms and disasters, which may be necessary for a while, but is not where you want to be in the long run. So if you’re trying to avoid prescription drugs, or trying to reduce your dependence on them or just want a natural remedy solution to your current health problem, when should you expect results?

What Goes Up Goes Down….Faster

Think about it this way. How long did it take for you to develop the problem? Are you having your first ever hay-fever attack or are you a diabetic with hypertension, which has taken years or even decades to progress. Or is it something in between, like starting to get indigestion a little too often or passing a kidney stone which has taken maybe a few months to form? The longer it takes for something to become a problem, usually the longer it takes to get to a lasting solution. That’s not to say that you have to wait years and years to get your blood pressure under control naturally, but it won’t happen in a few days either. If you are expecting such a result, then you are looking at natural remedies to be a natural “drug” and that is not what you really want. Why?

Natural substances that actually have the potency of drugs can be very dangerous as they are not purified and can have unpredictable major side effects, just like prescription drugs or worse. In some cases it is OK to use these, but only under the guidance of a licensed and experienced medical practitioner who knows how to balance the risk and benefit and keep you out of trouble. Keep in mind, that at the biochemical level, natural substance “drugs” and synthetic drugs are all still chemicals (i.e. small molecules that have specific actions on your body). You don’t want to overdo it and try to fool Mother Nature’s balance that was set up for your optimal health. Having said that, certainly some natural remedies and home cures act faster than others at normal non-pharmaceutical quantities. More on that in a minute.

Natural Health Naturally at Normal Speed

Looking at natural remedies from a non-emergency point of view, the best overall scientific data is for the medicinal and health promoting value of various foods. The reason? It’s a more stable and long standing solution to supporting health. You can eat your way to good health, including appropriate supplementation for key micro-nutrients missing from your diet, but it will not happen overnight. Having said that, one can look at this article published in the most mainstream of journals, JAMA, to see that even when you are really old and set in your ways a dietary program change can produce miraculous results. In this case, among men and women, 70-90 years of age, a Mediterranean diet showed a 50% reduction in all cause mortality. Folks, drugs that can do that simply do not exist! So, for longer term problems, like diabetes, hypertension, and other chronic degenerative conditions, diet and healthy lifestyle will go a LONG way to help you. But, don’t stop taking your doctor recommended prescription meds overnight. Work with your doctor to reduce the need for these as you embark on healthier diet and lifestyle.

“Lower-It-Now” Miracle Natural Koolaid In A Bottle

So, you think this is all wrong? You have seen articles and ads that show a “natural remedy” allowed someone who had high blood pressure or something like that to get off all their drugs in a few days or weeks. These articles or ads are reminiscent of healers getting their wheel-chair bound subjects, who haven’t walked in years, to suddenly jump up and dance down the hallways. Does this make sense? I’m discounting the miracle or two that can occur, because miracles happen but they do not happen often by definition and you probably want to have a strategy that will help you heal with more certainty.

People! As good as natural health and many effective natural remedies are, they should not be regarded as quick-fix cures. That really goes against the principles of natural health. When you are talking like that you are caught up in the : “Doc, I’ve been smoking, partying, eating like it’s going out of style, sitting on my butt and now I’ve got this little problem”. “Please give me a pill and I’ll be on my way, I have a bunch of TV shows to catch and I have to stop by McSuperSizeMe’s to grab a few munchies on the way”. Just like drugs won’t fix that, quick-fix “natural” miracles in a bottle won’t either.

Even Bigger Cancer Miracle Cures

Similarly, take cancer, which is one of the biggest scourges we have yet to “cure”. Cure? It won’t likely happen! The “War on Cancer” is not a failure like some have proposed, but people have misunderstood what this war really is. We have come a long way to help people battle and even beat some cancers, but once it occurs it is a sign that your body is overwhelmed. It needs help to kill the billions of cancer cells within a tumor the size of a marble. Further, cancer is not one disease; it is many. We know exactly what causes various cancers, but it is a very complex series of genetic and molecular events which are heavily influenced by what you are exposed to in the environment. Over the years, what you eat, drink, breath, put on yourself etc., combined with a lifestyle which lowers your defenses, takes a big toll. The toxin induced chronic inflammation which is common to many chronic diseases finally prevails and you are now stuck with a life threatening disease. Cancer is the ultimate worst of these because it is harder to reverse than any other, and most certainly does not bend over to “kinder-gentler treatment” by itself. That’s not to say there is no role for complementary and alternative support. There is, and forms the basis for integrative cancer care or the best combination of mainstream and natural remedies.

It is politically correct to say “it’s not your fault” when some of these diseases strike. “Bad genes” are faulted and one can feel like a victim, simply dealt a bad hand of cards. Well, that’s just not so. The overwhelming majority of cancers are environmental, not genetic. It actually IS your fault, but what we CAN say in support is that you probably did not KNOW you were cruising for a big bruising. Now you are warned and should do everything humanly possible to achieve peak natural health to avoid cancer and other life threatening chronic diseases. At Cureology.com we cover a lot of bases towards achieving this goal through the application of 21st century science as it relates to natural integrative healing.

Anyway, to stay on track, these complex diseases are very hard to treat and, although we are inching closer to biological therapies that will eventually conquer cancer, there is no magic bullet in the future. I’m going to leave cancer conspiracy out of this discussion because if you ascribe to that you are effectively disparaging millions of researchers, doctors, pharmacists, nurses and others who are out there trying to cure the disease. And yes, many of those folks work for Big Pharma in the US and abroad. Believe me, the Big Pharma houses may be making a mint on this as we go, but they will not whither away if cancer is cured and I’m sure health practitioners can find something else to do to make a solid living. Besides, Pharma knows people can’t resist abusing themselves and as long as that goes on, chronic diseases will be there for shiny new drugs that we may or may not need.

So, having said all of the above, the best answer to cancer is still PREVENTION! This is not only before you get the disease but also while you are being treated and after you are done with treatment. A healthy lifestyle, optimal nutrition and supplementation WILL optimize your chances of beating cancer, preventing its recurrence, or not getting it in the first place. But again, to try to ask food and supplements to act like drugs short-term and eliminate cancer, or asking foods and supplements to turn your body quickly into Superman or Superwoman short term (a few weeks or months), is simply too biologically much to ask in 99.99999999% of situations.

How About Natural Remedies for “Simpler Health Problems”

What about lesser problems like acne, kidney stones, acid indigestion, warts, and things like that? If you fortunate enough to avoid the big killer diseases, these “lesser” problems are still a HUGE problem for you right? Well, it is still a balance of what the environment is dishing out and your body’s ability to fight back. Many syndromes and diseases are caused by inflammatory reactions. But if the inflammation is reduced as much as possible by natural remedies and you avoid the toxins as much as you can, then natural health solutions and home cures can work rather quickly.

Why would they work faster for simpler conditions? Think of your environmental insults and your body’s reactions to these as a continuum. Initially it is a mild swell of bad things which may cause a reaction like a paper wall or sandy dam might stop a water leak, for a brief while. When the swells of bad stuff are bigger and strong and happen more often, your body’s reaction is more of building concrete and scars. It takes a lot less time to clean up messes related to paper and sand than to break up concrete. This metaphorical analogy is perhaps best for hypertension, which is initially inflammatory with mild changes but later turns into bad scarring and concrete-like fibrosis that causes your blood vessels to stop being flexible. The longer this goes on the longer it takes to reverse biologically, and there is no way to get around that. Of course nothing is 100%. For example, appendicitis can happen quickly and usually needs prompt medical and surgical attention rather that trying natural home cures which can delay things and lead to overwhelming infection and even death.

The Bottom Line

The longer it takes for something to get bad, the longer it will take to get it better. Again, you can mask the symptoms with either drugs or some higher dose “natural remedies”, but that is the anti-natural health way to look at things and this approach can harm you. On the other hand, for simpler problems that come and go more rapidly, natural remedies can be effective and fast. Be the steward of your own health, but please don’t try to be a doctor. Sometimes simple things are not so simple after all. Not seeking medical attention is a bad idea, but if simple problems are offered complex pharmaceutical drug solutions when a natural method is available, get a second opinion. These pharma quick fixes may be fine, and in some cases what you need to relieve a symptom fast, but if a natural remedy that is scientifically based is available it may be something to consider in prevention and natural health support. Assuming it is an effective natural remedy, the speed with which it helps depends upon the condition.

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