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Cureology is Natural Health

Our mission is to guide you to fitness, energy & longevity through the best science supported natural healthy lifestyle choices. Start your healthvization & energevity plan today!

Cureology is Science Based

The science behind remedies and cures is embodied in Cureology, which means the study of cures using 21st Century sciences like epigenetics and nutrigenomics.

Cureology is Integrative Remedies

Integrative options use the best mix of natural and mainstream solutions for fastest recovery and lasting health. Discover them now and regain your health and happiness.

Welcome to Cureology & YOUR Integrative Health!

A Leading Resource for Mother Nature’s Science-Supported Natural Health and Integrative Remedies Since 1996

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Transformational! Credible information based on scientific principles and the best clinical research available. — Kathryn Shaw MD

Amazing! There really is a lot of science behind natural remedies after all. — Francesca Cobar

The kind of life-changing information you find on this site is simply not available anywhere else. — Renee Nickols

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Cureology reviews personalized medicine & integrative natural remedy research from prestigious institutions world-wide, including:

Cureology uses proprietary research algorithms to review over 20,000 journals and articles, then presents the results in an understandable fashion for you.

Important Information

Epigenetics and Personalized Medicine

Epigenetics, in simple terms, is the secret sauce or the glue that bridges many natural remedies with scientific plausibility.  This is all about activation and deactivation of genes that are both "good" and "bad" for your health, which can occur through diet, supplements, herbs,...


Evidence Based Health Information or EBHI

How Do We Approach Problems & Choices in Life?

When you’re trying to find an answer to a problem that you don’t know much about, what do you normally do?  Most of us “ask around”, see if any family members, friends or someone who we respect has some ideas.  Or we might start...

  • Cureology Health Bulletin

    Early in 2006 we began sending out health bulletins on various topics and some were reproduced in archive ezine format. This is an example feed [...]

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